Ron Maxson JrBold and Daring Go-Getter

Born in Takoma Park, Maryland, Ron Maxson was raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC, in a middle-class family. Overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, numerous setbacks, and many challenges is Ron’s life story in a nutshell. That has made him the man he is today. He is a bold and daring go-getter who believes that nothing is impossible. He has reached many milestones that people told him were not possible.

Husband and Father

Introduced by close friends in July 1992, Ron and his bride, Tracey Lynn Smith, married in October 1993. They raised their two children in the Urbana school district. Their daughter, a senior, and their son, a sophomore, attend private colleges in Pennsylvania.

Creative Problem-Solver

His heart to serve causes Ron to lead with imagination, insight and boldness, presenting a challenge that calls forth the best in people and brings them together around a shared sense of purpose. He strives to identify and meet the needs of colleagues, employees and communities.

Public Servant

With more than 30 years experience in the public sector, Ron currently serves in a senior management position overseeing multiple professional staff in one of the largest, most diverse, highly educated and affluent communities in the United States, populated by more than one million residents, located just outside of Washington, DC. He has dedicated his entire professional career to serving the public. He is highly effective in helping government employees, supervisors, managers and executive staff see beyond bureaucracy, challenge old and often ineffective habits, embrace new ideas, develop effective strategies, and implement needed change with a focus on delivery of increased customer service and transparency to individual residents and communities. He is highly involved in outreach to the community, and assists community groups with events and activities.

Community Catalyst

Ron strives daily to make a difference in the community by investing in people. He has served in key leadership roles in the faith community. He has extensive experience planning, directing and leading programs, seminars, workshops and large-scale outreach activities and events, including those that provide critical needs and services to the community. For six years, he volunteered as a law enforcement chaplain. He has volunteered in the community since age 6. Ron loves people. He loves community. He stands up for what is right. He is all-in. He is fully immersed in community life.

Inspirational Speaker

As a premier speaker, trainer and facilitator serving non-profit organizations, associations, schools, churches and government entities, Ron has educated, inspired, equipped, encouraged and motivated individuals, teams and audiences to step up to the plate and make a difference. In April 2016, Ron celebrated 35 years of public speaking. He has addressed groups of a few to crowds of thousands. He has been interviewed on mainstream and community network television stations. He has spoken in a wide variety of venues including conference and retreat centers, board rooms, mega-churches, town halls, and on-stage at national events such as the annual Fourth-of-July celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC.


Ron has mentored hundreds of men and young men including community leaders, business professionals, pastors, volunteers, high school students, college students, law enforcement officials, ex-convicts, white-collar, blue-collar and everywhere in-between, helping them become the man they were intended to be in their home, workplace and beyond, equipping them with the tools needed to make a difference.

Pro bono Consultant

For more than a decade, Ron served as an independent strategic consultant to non-profit organizations. He has provided guidance and hands-on assistance to thousands of non-profit groups throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region and beyond.

Resident of Rockville, Maryland

After their children left for college, Ron and Tracey sold their longstanding home in Urbana, dramatically downsized, and moved 30 miles closer to his office. This reduced the 90-minute commute each way to less than 10 minutes and provided a more simplistic lifestyle. They currently reside in Rockville, Maryland.

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